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Asgard Hand Crafted Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver Fittings (Small)

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Asgard Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver Fittings

Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver Fittings. This bracelet will fit Asgard pewter beads.

Length: 18cm

About Viking Bracelets

Viking bracelets were not always merely ornamental. Some bracelets were regularly broken into smaller pieces to trade for other goods - this is a pewter version of this kind of Viking bracelet.

Handmade Replica and Inspired Viking and Celtic Jewellery made by Asgard in Scotland, United Kingdom using traditional methods.

Asgard Viking and Celtic Jewellery

Viking jewellery was worn for protection and reflected the traits of the Norse gods the Vikings believed in. The design of the jewellery was often inspired by symbols of the deity and the stories connected with them. Through raids and trade, the Vikings often got into contact with other civilisations and cultures that influenced the design of their own jewellery as well - Celtic knotwork designs spread this way. The styles of the Viking Age are categorised as (chronologically) the Osberg style, the Borre style, the Jelling style, the Mammen style, the Ringerike style and the Urnes style.

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Colour Black
Brand Asgard

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